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Hey Sushi Restaurant & Ultra Lounge


About Us

Why go anywhere else?

Hey Sushi offers the best sushi in the midwest. Our fish, flown in daily will entice even the most gourmet palet. The beef sukiyaki or chicken teriyaki with orange salsa are just a couple of the heartier choices our extensive menu has to offer.


Our Cuisine/Restaurant

 Japanese/fusion cuisine

Reviews and Accolades

"This former used bookstore has reemerged as a huge, clean, simple sushi restaurant. Blond wood tables have stainless steel trim, pale yellow walls are sparingly decorated with cobalt blue sconces, and the centrally located sushi bar features a conveyor belt so you can grab small plates, priced by their color. The ambitious menu moves beyond typical offerings; a standout starter is the maguro cocktail -- a frosted martini glass full of chunks of melt-in-your-mouth raw tuna and avocado set on a mound of shredded daikon and topped with shoyu aioli and an ample dollop of tobiko. A soft-shell crab karaage consists of a fried crab set on an artistic bed of crispy rice noodles drizzled with hot chili oil and served with a ponzu dipping sauce. Nigiri sushi are generous ... Tempura can be ordered by the piece in flavors like sweet potato, scallop, and burdock, and there are over two dozen hot dishes, including slow-simmered chicken in orange sauce and grilled mackerel served with field greens and wasabi mashed potatoes."

Chicago Reader